Please Note:  Trugs sent to Norway or Switzerland will incur an additional £25 customs clearance charge for which we will bill you separately.  This will probably apply to European Union parcels if we leave without a deal in January.  Orders sent to the USA under $800 do not currently incur customs duties!

Delivery is approximately 2 weeks from receipt of order for popular sizes in the Garden Trug Style. 

Please note that we are unable to give specific delivery dates due to the current coronavirus crisis.

Helping with the World’s Mental Health.

If you are on “garden leave” or self-isolating then get into that garden now the better weather is here and buy a Trug to make your gardening experience that much more enjoyable!   Nothing like gardening to lift your spirits!  We deliver anywhere in the World and most countries are still accepting freight movements.

All prices include packing and shipping.

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