Caleb Pimm's Masterpiece

Leslie’s small Bowl Trug arrived today and she is v e r y  happy with how beautiful and well-made it is.  It really is a piece of skilled craftsmanship.  The wood and copper fixings are wonderful too.  So, once again, Mr. Pimm and your firm have pleased us greatly.  In time there will be more orders from us.

Editor:  I know this is the second post from Tomm but I just had to add it as Caleb is approaching the end of his three year apprenticeship and it shows our apprenticeship scheme is a great success.  In August Caleb will be come a fully fledged Craftsman Trug Maker.


Maddee in Alberta was gifted one of our Wealden Garden Trugs as a birthday present from her daughter. She wrote to us saying:

Dear Robin, Thank you so much! I love it. Perfect size for me. The wood and construction are amazing! I will enjoy it for many years to come. Also thank you for the information on the history. It was so interesting. A treasure.

‒ Amazing in Alberta Maddee in Alberta

Dear Mr. Tuppen, It (my trug) arrived safely and is as beautiful as I imagined!! I’m building a garden and this gorgeous trug is a welcome addition. I hope to build a collection going forward.

Joy, Dallas, Georgia, USA

‒ As beautiful as I imagined!

Thank you Robin. The trug arrived yesterday, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s beautifully crafted and my wife loves it

Scott Oelfke, Colorado, USA – April 2023

‒ Happy in Colorado

Just to let you know the trug arrived safely yesterday. It is fabulous, thank you and a wonderful gift for my sister for her birthday
Angela, Exeter, Devonshire.

‒ It's Fabulous!

I have received the Trug and it’s beautiful! Thank you for staying in touch throughout the entire process from payment to delivery. I appreciate the excellent customer service, and the literature you included on the history of your shop and the Trug. I will treasure it.
Rachelle, Boise, Idaho, USA

‒ Excellent Customer Service

Hello Robin, Very pleased with our Trug! Thank you for the seemless experience.

Esther Attard, Ontario, Canada.
October 2022

‒ Very Pleased in Ontatio!

Having received my trug yesterday (the next day following the placement of my order) I want to record my thanks for your excellent product and service. I am delighted with my purchase and look forward to my sister’s delight when she receives it because she has coveted my mini trug for many years though she, like me, has owned and used a large trug since we each acquired our own homes and gardens.

Thank you. I shall be happy to commend your excellent products to anybody seeking an item that is totally functional as well as being beautiful and useful.

Yours sincerely, Janet M Dodson

‒ Delighted in Daventry

I just received my trug via UPS.

I really can’t say this loud enough…It is fantastic. The craftsmanship is wonderful.

I am in Georgia, USA, and during the lockdown the past couple of years I stumbled upon Antiques Road Trip. I saw the episode where they came to your shop and I was amazed, astounded and instantly in love with the trug in general and the history in particular.

Being in the US, I feel like we just don’t have any traditional products that aren’t mass produced.
I realize that this is kinda corny, but I just wanted you guys to know that I (56 year old man) am so impressed with your product and can’t wait to show it off and explain the history to everyone who asks about it. I fully expect my kids to have this long after I am gone. I will certainly get another one to prevent the fight that will come.

Thank you for doing what you do.
Ken Cooper, Georgia, USA

Robin: thank you so much for telling us Ken. We hope that you will enjoy using your Trug for many years and look forward to being of service again in the future.

‒ Absolute Joy in Georgia, USA

Thank you for the efficient way that yuou dealt with my order for one of your Trugs which was for a birthday present for my husband. He was delighted with it and looks forward to using it when he is able to get into his garden when the weather improves.
Janet, Hassocks, West Sussex.

‒ Delighted in Hassocks

Dear Mr Tuppen

I’m very pleased to let you know that our Trug has arrived safe and sound. It is a lovely piece of craftsmanship and we are delighted with it, thank you. Our Trug will take pride of place as a fruit bowl (and conversation piece) on our new dining table in our new house, which we are about to commence building (coincidentally, our own ‘escape to the country’). Thank you also for your regular emails updating us on the progress of our order – it’s been an absolute pleasure doing business with you.

Very kind regards & best wishes
Steve & Keran, Queensland, Australia.

Editor’s Note: Steve and Keran watched us on Escape to the Country on Australian TV.

‒ Pride of Place

A dear friend visited your workshop when she was in England on business. She gifted us with one of your trugs, and it was a wonderful work of utilitarian art! I can’t wait to use it! I have an Amish “trug” (Editor: a woven wood basket) and it’s very nice, but yours are sturdy masterpieces. Thanks for the fine craftsmanship that went into making it. We live in Washington State. Judith Shelby

Robin: I actually remember this lady coming into our shop. She had driven down from Gatwick especially to buy her friend’s Trug. What a good friend she is!

‒ Gift from a Friend

Hello Robin. Trug arrived in perfect condition and being put to good use already! Thank you for service beyond expectations!

‒ Mike Foxon Mike Foxon, South Africa

Many thanks for the surprisingly fast delivery of the Trug. We were in southern France at that time but your e-mail with all the details enabled me to arrange for the parcel service (DPD) to deliver the parcel to my neighbour.

The joy of my wife about the gift was very great.

‒ Helmut Schraut, Germany

Thank you! I enjoy mine (Trug) almost every day and look forward to giving this new one to my son.

‒ Marilyn Kennard USA

“I got home two days ago to find the beautiful Trug your shop made for me! It is a treasure and appeared as by magic! Thanks for everything. Amazing service and the Trug is beautiful”.

‒ Holly McTernan Lakewood, Ohio, USA

Robert from Milan, Italy wrote to us saying “I just received my Trug. Absolutely magnificent craftsmanship and a stunner to boot! Well done.”

‒ Roberto Buccione Milan, Italy

Many thanks. This (his Trug) arrived this week – and the wait has been worth it! What great skills! It’s beautiful.

Pete Vowles, Oxford

‒ Happy in Oxford

Thank you Robin, we received the trug today and are thrilled!¬ I am going to read through the material provided. Thank you so much and the best to you and your staff.

‒ Thrilled Susan hector, San Diego, California, United States of America.

My Sussex Trug just arrived and needless to day, I am delighted with it – well worth the wait. It will give me many years of use and pleasure as my old one did – bought in 1970 and used constantly ever since. Even now, in its rather sorry state, houses last years daffodil bulbs ready for replanting.

So, many thanks and good luck to your apprentices. I shall certainly spread the word. I have just read the history of the Trug to my husband who, when I told him where you are based, said he drank many a pint in The Red Lion (pub) in his young cricketing days in Sussex! He is now 90.

Editor’s Note: The pub is now three houses and closed many years ago unfortunately!! We occupy the former village hall built in 1914 and which was latterly the function room for the pub.

‒ Brenda - Yeovil, Somerset

I can’t tell you how excited I am to receive my trug.  I visited England a few years ago and I absolutely loved it.  I could have bought a trug from China for $11.00 but it’s not the same is it?  I will take good care of it and treasure it as a little bit o England.  Thank you for your wonderful customer service keeping me informed as to my order

Ann Mitchel, Vancouver, Washington State, USA  May 2019

‒ Ann Mitchell, Vancouver, Washington State, USA

Dear Mr. Tuppen,

Yesterday we received delivery of our Trug. My husband used it the same day and he is so pleased with it – the size is perfect for his usage. The brief history of Mr. Smith’s Trugs (enclosed with each Trug sent out) is most fascinating. Many thanks for the effort and to the man who makes them.

‒ Elizabeth Bryant West Midlands, England.

My mother-in-law just gave my husband and I two Royal Sussex Garden Trugs, personalised with our names. Not only do we love them but also our cat {who had commandeered on in a photo sent to us!}. Thank you very much for keeping this traditional craft available for our generation.

‒ Leila Rossi France

Hello Robin, I’ve received my Trug in excellent shape. Thank you for such a lovely piece of fine craftsmanship!! I also appreciate all of the product information that was included. The Trug was designated to be a gift, but I’m starting to believe I’ll have a hard time letting it go!

‒ Joanne Arnold Michigan, United States of America.

I have received my Trug and am delighted with it. It is a beautiful and well crafted object and I am reluctant to put it to work and get it dirty. Mind you I think a bit of “patina” will only improve its looks! I am so pleased I found your website and that I have contributed to keeping your age old craft alive. I am always keen to support local crafts and traditions, whether in the West Country, where I live, or elsewhere. I love my Trug so much that I will be ordering another one soon as a Christmas present (for a loved one). By the way, I love the history of the company and the Trug traditional (accompanying the Trug), it was a very interesting read. With my best wishes for continued success.

‒ Julia Hemming Devonshire, England

We just received an e-mail from Terry and Barbara (in England) and I am so pleased to let you know that they are delighted with their Trug. They had often planned on purchasing one but never done so….it was the perfect gift. Terry mentioned that they had some apples to pick from their orchard later this day so the Trug will immediately but put to good use. It surely was worth the wait and thank you so much for keeping us informed of the progress. Warm regards, Jim & Margaret.

‒ James Neimeir New York State, United States of America

Just wanted to let you know I received my Trugs today (we sent four to this lady). They arrived in perfect condition – thank you for the careful packing! They are gorgeous – I love ’em! I eagerly await spring here in Minnesota and look forward to using some of the Trugs out in the garden. Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. From an appreciative customer,


‒ They are gorgeous - I love 'em! Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Wonderful speedy service! It (the Trug) is a birthday present for my other half – who is Sussex born and bred – so very fond of Trugs! He has an old one which he possibly bought from yourselves many years ago when we were visiting the area – which he uses on our allotment. It is still going strong, but I thought it was time to treat him to a shiney new one!

‒ Wonderful Speedy Service Biddy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Dear Robin,

My wife is a BIG fan of your Trugs, as you know. The Royal Sussex Garden Trug No. 7 (we have ordered) will be used for grocery shopping. Instead of the ubiquitous throw-away plastic bag, or even a cloth bag, she wants to use the Trug. Leslie is a fan of baskets and your Trugs fit perfectly into her life-style. We do not live in a city but in rural Maine where old traditions still prevail. How great that your firm exists and that we found you several years ago. We’re looking forward to the No.7! Thanks for the swift and excellent service.

Tomm Shockey, Maine, USA

‒ Tomm Shockey

Your basket has arrived, and I am astonished that it could be delivered so quickly. Thank you for remarkable service!
Stanley J. Fisher, Jr., Connecticut, United States of America.

Robin’s Note: We sent the Trug by UPS parcel service on 12th December and they delivered it to Stan on 14th!

‒ Quick Delivery!

Dear Robin, Trug has arrived safely. Delighted! Will be back for more once your stocks have recovered.
David Taylor, Berwickshire.

‒ Delighted!

Dear Robin, thank you so much for keeping me up to date with the progress of my wife’s Trug. Your customer service is excellent, but then it usually is with you English. We have been to Great Britain many, many times and the next time hope to visit your shop.

My wife is a horticulturalist my trade, and grows organic veggies from our garden and two greenhouses, so this is a special gift. I am so glad I read your advertisement in January issue of BRITAIN magazine.

I am so happy that we can help in some small way to keep your craft alive. I am pretty sure we will be ordering more Trugs for my wife’s friends in the near future.

‒ Trug to America Bob Green, Pennsylvania, USA

I am pleased to report that my order arrived today. The Trugs are lovely, so, thank you.

‒ Marion Clarke Brighton, Sussex.

Do keep up the good work! People are turning more and more to handmade and authentic objects and I get a real pleasure out of possessing and making a gift of something that is NOT mass produced. It DOES make a difference.

‒ Ellen Jolley Bruebach, France.

Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your son. We were really pleased with the Trug and enjoyed meeting your son very much and learning about this lovely craft. The Trug was a present for a very close friend and she was absolutely delighted.

‒ Christine James

A beautifully made No.1 Flower Trug arrived at midday today in perfect condition. Thank you so much for doing this so quickly.

‒ Donald Lockhart Hayle, Cornwall.

I love the Trug! It is beautifully made and it is all the more special because I was born and brought up in East Sussex, near Lewes. It will be very useful for all the vegetables I have grown with the children this year – potatoes, runner beans, courgettes and tomatoes, as well as for all the flowers. It will be very well looked after here.

‒ Alexander Roberts

Just wanted to let you know that I am ABSOULTELY DELIGHTED with the Trug. It will make a wonderful gift and now that I have seen it, I think I will be ordering more in due course as gifts for other friends. It is such a delight to have a proper hand made one.

‒ Rosemary Byrde Reading, Berkshire.

The Trug arrived safely today and I’m sure my Mother will be thrilled with it on Christmas day!

‒ Jane Hill Inverness, Scotland.

The Trug arrived safely and is lovely, a perfect gift for my wife. Thank you.

‒ Robert Birtwell Chichester, Sussex.

The Trug arrived this morning in good order and I’m very pleased with it. My mother will be delighted this Christmas, as she has been looking for a new Trug for a while.

‒ Tim Price Nottingham.

Just to let you know, the Trug arrived today. It’s lovely and I am sure that my mother-in-law will love it! Thanks for everything.

‒ Wendy Bowen Chislehurst, Kent.

Trugs have been delivered this morning and look absolutely fabulous! Thank you for your first class product and service.

‒ Caroline Bunting Romsey Marsh, Kent.

I picked up the Trug today, it is beautiful and so light. I rushed out to the garden and filled it with broad beans – they make a lovely “clunking” sound as they drop in!

‒ Kerry Pattenden Sydney, Australia

The Trug arrived on Monday and is perfect!

‒ Michael Clarke High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Thank you. I am sure it (the Trug) will be highly prized and much used for a very long time.

‒ Graham Rose Glasgow, Scotland.

Just wanted to say Trug arrived on 13th December, safely in one piece. It is terrific! I wish I had one myself – maybe one day. I can’t wait to see Mum’s face when she opens it!

‒ Rebecca Haynes Australia.

There is something infinitely satisfying about having a Trug and it will learn its manners from my old one, which must be at least 50 years old and is still serviceable, except for a small hole in the base. I couldn’t resist buying yours from Notcutts, St. Albans …….I refuse to use a plastic one!

‒ Daphne Griffin Hertfordshire.

Just to say a big “thank you” for processing my order so quickly. The trug was a gift for my mother and she is delighted with it. It is a beautiful work of craftmanship. I wish you every sucess.

‒ Andrew Evans Gwynedd.

The Trugs have just arrived and they are fabulous!

‒ Mary Hollyhocks, Cranleigh, Surrey

The Trug I bought from you last year has been put to good use and I’m delighted with it!

‒ Janet Surrey Hills Wood Fair

The Trug arrived on Thursday as promised. It is perfect! Thank you so much. I shall put the word around and hopefully you will get some more orders.

‒ Dilly Rowe London, England

Dad loved his Trug for his 88th birthday, really loved it and served his home made sour dough bread in it at a family party last weekend! Thank you for your brilliant customer service, speedy response, courteous emails and super fast delivery as this was a very last minute request. I have recommended you to lots of my friends who have admired Dad’s Trug. Old fashioned craftsmanship is rare these days, but my Dad appreciated it very much and I am very happy to have made him happy on his birthday with your help.

‒ Alison Warwick, England

Thank you for the safe delivery of the lovely trug. My cousin has long wanted one and will be delighted to receive it when we deliver it to its new home in Switzerland!

‒ Julie Pembrey Surrey.

Thank you very much for the lovely trug…..I am delighted and I know that my sister-in-law in New Zealand is going to be so surprised! And thanks for the home delivery, very much appreciated.
Hope to see you on my (next) trip over to beautiful Sussex.
Editor’s Note: We delivered to Mary in Seaford, Sussex although we would have preferred to do so to Canada! This Trug went from Sussex to Canada and then on to New Zealand – so very well travelled!

‒ Mary Huxley Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Thank you for your excellent service!

‒ Stewart Brown Yallingup, Perth, Western Australia

The Trug has arrived – thank you, and it is beautiful! Thank yiouy so much for this – Mum will definitely enjoy uysing it now! I’ll be recommending you to my friends!

‒ Danielle Marks New South Wales, Australia

I thank you very much for the indeed lovely, pure and historic Sussex Trug No.6. The solid box arrived a few days ago, and the trug is welcomed here. It will be our 70-years birthday present to our friend, who is taking lovely care of our garden. I will of course include the history of Mr. Smith’s Trug – after doing a copy to ourself to keep. It is very interesting, as we have a No.6 and a larger fireside trug in constant use for years.

At the same time I should tell you that my husband, our two children and I visited your then trug workshop in the mid 70-ties in Herstmonceux. The (then) children were invited to climb in the chips (shavings), and we purchased a few trugs to bring home to Denmark from our holiday on the outskirts of Hastings .

A few years later I started a modest trade with handicraft……..and the first items I imported was Sussex Trugs from Thomas Smith’s Trugs. The Queen of Denmark was gifted with one item from the Old Town Museum in Aarhus when visiting the museum.

So you see it is an old love and admiration we feel about this genuine, perfect made British quality. Perfect in shape, design and handicraft making. It is wonderful to learn that you are exporting 40% of your production – and that you are successful in carrying on the traditional of this handicraft. We are looking so much forward to gift our friend with your trug.

‒ Karen Doessing Denmark

I just wanted to appreciate you all over again! Some years ago I came to your shop and was shown the wonder of making Trugs….the whole process. The history in itself is facinating and reminds me of my own roots in Sussex. My little grandson has the Trug I bought. Thank you for keeping going!

‒ Evengeline Rand Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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