About Us Care of Your Trug

Customers often ask about how they should care for their Trug. There is nothing that you really have to do but the following might help the longevity of your Trug.

1) Don’t leave it out in all weathers
2) Don’t leave wet rubbish in it for any length of time
3) If you do either of the above then just empty the Trug and put it somewhere to dry out naturally
4) Don’t leave it in a greenhouse as the hot sun will bake the wood and make it brittle

You can use various mediums if you wish to treat your Trug:

1) Linseed or Danish Oil
2) Water or spritit based wood preserver
3) Oil or water based wood stain
4) Specialist food friendly coatings

Do NOT use creosote! This will burn your produce or flowers!!

You can also wash your Trug in warm soapy water using a nail or soft floor brush when it gets dirty. But, remember, Trugs are made to get dirty!!

NOTE: Each Trug has a number underneath which denotes the year/month/day/Trug finished on that day. There will also be some initials which are the maker’s signature. If you wash your Trug then these details may also wash off.

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