Please Note:  Trugs sent to Norway or Switzerland will incur an additional £20 customs clearance charge for which we will bill you separately.  Norwegian customers will also be required to give their National Identity Number for customs purposes.    

  Important Notice – Orders for the European Union

Due to recent changes in European Union VAT/TVA rules we have to suspend shipments to EU countries until we are able to find a European partner company to register for IOSS (Import One Stop Shop Scheme) for orders from consumer customers by mail order. Once this has been achieved we will be able to accept direct orders once again.   This does not affect sales to trade customers.   Please e-mail us at to find a stockist.

Please note that despatch will, currently, be within about two (2) weeks from receipt of your order.

RETURNS POLICY: Customers must request authorisation to return any Trug, although we cannot accept returns from overseas customers.  Where a Trug is returned after authorisation by the company, we regret that we cannot refund the outward carriage/packing charges and there will be an administration fee for restocking.
Sizing Information: Because our product is handmade from natural materials customers are advised that all sizes given are approximate.  Royal Sussex Trugs are measured externally and South Down Trugs internally.  The difference is because we used to be two separate companies until 1989 and we continued with previous measurement criteria.

Price Increases:  Over the past two years we have faced so pretty massive increases in raw material prices and, whilst we have absorbed most of these during that time, it has become apparent that we can no longer do so.  Material prices have risen as much as 230% and fuel costs have meant that couriers are charging an additional 15% or more per parcel on their fuel surcharges.  Some of the ply that we use for our South Down Contemporary Trugs is no longer available due to the Ukrainian War and that has pushed prices up by over 100% worldwide and we have needed to source alternative plywood from sustainable sources.  We regret, therefore, that we have needed to increase our prices in order to cover our costs and keep Trug Making alive in our wonderful modern world!  We thank our customers for their support of our endangered craft (see Heritage Crafts Association Red List) and hope that you will all continue to support us in the future to keep Trug Making alive for future generations to enjoy using their Trugs as you all do today.  Thank you so much for supporting us!  We are the only company training apprentices for the future and need your help to continue doing so.

Updated Friday 19th August 2022



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