Please Note:  Trugs sent to Norway or Switzerland will incur an additional £25 customs clearance charge for which we will bill you separately.  This will probably apply to European Union parcels if we leave without a deal in January 2021.  Orders sent to the USA under $800 do not currently incur customs duties!  

We are offering only the Garden Trugs in All Styles of Trug for the time being, all of which will be on back order as we have run out of stock.  Despatches overseas are currently attracting a freight surcharge because of increases in courier charges world-wide.

 Back orders will take at least 4 weeks for despatch.  We cannot guarantee any specific time for delivery right now and hope that customers will understand as we have been working with a skeleton staff of two throught the COVID-19 crisis!  We started a phased return to work for all of our staff during June and hope to have everyone back by the beginning of July.

Updated Monday 18th June, 2020

Important Note: Residents of Australia and New Zealand may have to pay charges for fumigation upon arrival in your country. This particularly applies to barked Trugs, so you are advised not to order the barked Trugs as fumigation costs around A$280. Please consult your local customs office if in doubt. Sometimes stripped Trugs may be stopped at customs.
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