Worshipful Company Basketry Showcase

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On Tuesday my apprentice, Mark Robinson, and I attended the Basketry Showcase in the Dutch Church in Austin Friars, London. Organised by the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers, the event was designed to give members of other worshipful companies a taste of what basketmakers was about and was open in the afternoon to members of the Basketmakers’ Association. I am a member of both the Company and of the Association.

It was a very interesting day as Trug Making is quite different to the basektry made from osier willow from which many of the baskets on show were made. There were also makers showing their skills in rush and string seating. It is amazing how many variations of basketry there are and how many diverse makers there are in our country.
Our thanks to all those who made the event possible and to those fellow basket makers with whom we exhibited for such an interesting and enjoyable day.
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