Well Done Interlink!

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I am currently using Interlink/DPD for my UK and European deliveries and I have to say that they are working out as first class couriers. I sent a parcel to rural Aberdeenshire (so rural that there are only four dwellings with the same post code!), which was a present from a lady in Wiltshire to her friend. She was concerned that I had made a mistake on the address so I advised Interlink (it was a 2 day service to rural Aberdeenshire) and they worked efficiently to change the address and add a telephone number in case the driver had difficulty in reaching the house concerned. Today I had an e-mail from my customer to say that the parcel had been delivered to the door (sometimes couriers leave parcels at gates!!) and that it was on time. She thanked me for my reassurance and gave us “full marks for customer service”. Thank you Interlink as you are an extension of my company’s services to our customers and we all appreciate your excellent service too.

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