Trugs Disappear in Bermuda Triangle!

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I said on Tuesday how Trugs are funny things but, to be honest, it’s more the people who buy them!  There’s a famous Triangle in the South Atlantic where aeroplanes and boats disappear and there have been a lot of Trugs disappearing down that way in recent years too!  We have a slightly obsessed lady customer living near the Bermuda Triangle who has been buying Trugs from us for some years now and I guess she might even have more in her house now that we have in our shop!  Shall we call her “Che” for security reasons?

“Che” is a lovely lady and she has visited our shop a couple of times and ordered over the telephone several times as well, and she just loves Sussex Trugs.   It is always great to chat with her when she rings and the lads know to bring my tea into the office as I will be a long time!  “Che” still has a few styles to go but perhaps she will make the full set sometime in the next few years!

Thanks “Che” for your devotion to our craft.  Your small Trug for tomatoes is ready for despatch along with the other one you have ordered as a gift for a friend.  It is customers like you who make our life so interesting.

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