Trug Shop Update

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What’s happening at Thomas Smith’s Trug Shop? Everyone is now back into work and furlough is a thing of the past (after this week)! Chris (my son) and Caleb have reorganised the workshop practices and our production is gaining weekly. Our aim is for 120 Trugs a week, every week, on average before the end of this financial year (March). Thanks to Chris and Caleb and to Sharon, Luke, Mark, Barney and Andy for adapting and putting in the effort to make the changes successful. Andy was part time machinist and has now moved on to a better full time job leaving him with no time (or energy) to help us anymore. Good luck in the new job Andy, we’ll miss you!

We are now seeking a Sales/Admin assistant for our office, someone with IT skills so that we can update our systems and engage with our customers more frequently, like we used to in the old days.

Valdas joined us in February as part time book keeper and what would we have done without him over the past few months? He has successfully managed his way around the Job Retention Scheme and kept everyone in work by so doing. A huge thank you to him for his sterling work. For a change my books are now all up to date and we are able to usefully engage with our management accounts each month! Thank you Valdas.

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