Thomas Smith's in Robertsbridge, Sussex

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Earlier this week, David from Maryland in the USA sent me a few photos of a Trug that he had found whilst cleaning out his late mother’s home. The Trug had a particular stamp on the bottom which is shown in the first photo. As you will see it says “Robertsbridge & Herstmonceux” and david wanted to know if it was one of ours. As you will also see the name Thomas Smith is also visible.

I had seen one of these rubber stamp impressions once before when Connie from California had sent me a similar photo. At that time I had no idea why the stamp mentioned both villages. However, a fgew weeks after Connie had sent me her photo a fmaily member of the Gray-Nicholls Cricket Bat Company in Robertsbridge visited to buy a Trug. He told me that Smiths had, at one time, been owned jointly by the Smith and Gray-Nicolls families and production of the Trugs had taken place at both villages.
So I was able to tell David the story but the thing I still don’t know is when that had occurred. If anyone knows please do contact me as I will be delighted to solve the mystery.


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