Royal Warrant Holders' Association Annual Lunch

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On Tuesday last week (4th June) my apprentice, Mark Robinson, and I attended the Royal Warrant Holders’ Association’s annual luncheon in the Park Lane Hilton in London. Mark received the certificate of QEST Apprentice (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust) which is something that he can use for the rest of his working life. He is now a life long alumnus of QEST. As a second year apprentice with me Mark had to show three pieces of his work during the pre- and post lunch exhibitions and we even got interest from two major companies in buying from us, which we will be following up.

The morning exhibition room had a splendid view of Hyde Park and was very busy before lunch with some 600 guests. There were 50 QEST apprentices, scholars and masters invited to the luncheon – the largest number ever invested.

Our sincere thanks go to QEST for a wonderful day and for supporting our traditional craft with funding for my apprentice over the next three years. Their support allows me to engage another apprentice to train for the future of our industry.

Finally, well done Mark for the three Trugs that you carefully crafted for the event.

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