Our Last Gartenfest?

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Just got back last night from the Gartenfest Show in Langen, Hesse, Germany. Prinz von Hessen and his wife Floria Landgräfin von Hessen called on the stand on Sunday and bought two more Trugs to go with those they already bought from us at previous shows.

The full name for the show is Das Fürstliche Gartenfest, which means “The Princely Garden Show” as it is run by the estate of the prinz – the Prince of Hesse (a region of Germany covering Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Fulda where we go in May.).
First two days were rather rainy but the rain held off on Sunday which was a very good day for sales. There was, as is usual in Germany, great interest in our craft products and many people watched our second year apprentice, Mark, demonstrating making and shaving over the weekend – even in the rain!
There had been a very strong, localised, storm around Langen and it was so sad to see so many trees had been blown down and were in the process of being cleared. Where our tent is usually pitched a fine old tree had been removed by the storm.
Everyone without exception to whom we spoke was asking about Brexit! Not one person wanted Britain to leave the EU as they said that our great country makes an important and valued contribution to the EU overall. Will we be able to go back to Gartenfest next year? Who knows but I do know that the many people who spoke to us really, really want us to be there again. And, for that matter, so do we!!
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