New Cant of Chestnut

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Had a meeting with Guy the estates manager at Herstmonceux Castle this afternoon and secured a lovely cant of nice smooth chestnut to cut! Will be coppicing soon! Coppicing is an ancient form of woodland management that is friendly to the floras and fauna in our woodlands. The chestnut grows back very quickly and you get more trees growing than you cut! Coppicing brings long-term benefits to our woodlands and helps keep them in rotation.

Due to the snowy weather earlier this year and the persistent rain over the following months, we have only had two deliveries of chestnut in the past four months!   We have also secured a plentiful supply of cricket bat willow of which there is currently a world wide shortage!

Photo of Chris Gray, our woodsman, coppicing at Battle, East Sussex.  Photo courtesy of Dawn Gray.

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