Nearly Up To Date

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We are nearly up to date with our orders now that we have the willow in.  Our last couple of trade back orders are going out tomorrow (Tuesday) and the rest of the retail orders will be despatched this week.  That lets us get on with the Christmas stock as our competitors are just as likely to quote delivery in February soon like they did last year!  We will have stock in hand of all the popular sizes by next week and have a heap of Royal Sussex No.5 Garden Trugs done already.  There are also a good number of the South Down Contemporary Trugs in stock and our retail shop is going to fill up nicely soon too.

All ready for Christmas so that no customer is let down. 

AND, guess what!  We have some more willow coming in within the next week!  More than enough to carry us over into the New Year.  Photo is of the cricket bat clefts in the yard at one of our suppliers.  These are then sold to the cricket bat makers, all around the world, who actually fashion the bats for sale.

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