Marketing Appointment

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We’ve decided to increase our sales in the near and middle future and, subsequently, have appointed Pearce Marketing Consultancy from Eastbourne to assist us in achieving our goals.  This has been possible with a grant of £1000 from Economic Growth Solutions based in Melton Mowbray (home of the famous pies!).  Robin Simpson of EGS has been very supportive during the grant application process and we offer him our sincere thanks.

At the moment Pearce Marketing is working on our core strategy plan and we intend to seek more online sales, particularly from overseas.  Keep an eye on our blogs to see how everything progresses over the next few months.

The increase in sales will be added to that already experienced over the past three years and will impact upon our staff requirements.  We expect to have two Trainees working with us on a government scheme over the next six months and hope they will both take up apprenticeships after then.  Additionally we have a young man starting work with us next month on voluntary work experience, again with a view to being able to offer him an apprenticeship.  Full details to follow in due course.

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