Lovely Story From Canada

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I know that I have said this before, but……Trugs seem to bring our the sentimentality in folk. I have just received a lovely e-mail from Anne in Ontario, Canada in which she told me that her sister was thrilled with the Trug she bought her as a birthday present.

Their Father left them a wonderful legacy of sweet pea flowers that he had planted and that subsequently flourished as seedings before Anne’s sister planted them in her garden. She is now picking an abundance of flowers into her new Trug, and distributing them within her family. Anne says “It seems a very fitting tribute to our dear Father that his beautiful sweet peas are being placed into a traditional English made Trug after growing in a traditional English garden (in Canada).” She goes on to say “Many thanks for continuing your craft and bringing much cheer!
Thank you Anne. Your e-mail has brought a lot of cheer to us too! Thank you for sharing this lovely story with us and our friends around the World.
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