Great Service in the USA

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I think that I mentioned in an earlier post, possibly towards the end of last year, about an elderly lady, Vivien Greene from North Carolina who wanted a Trug but had no computer and had written and asked for help to buy one.  Well I contacted Rebecca at Garden Talk in Topsfield, Massachusetts who telephoned Vivien.  It took a while and more phone calls from Rebecca and me to help her decide but I am pleased to say that Vivien has now bought her Trug!

Vivien sent me a lovely letter in which she said “My long wished for TRUG came yesterday and I find it worth waiting for!  I love it and will cherish it and I will leave it to my son who shares my love of flowers.  Rebecca (at Garden Talk) took care of me and my order and is very personable”.

At Thomas Smith’s Trug Shop we pride ourselves on our personal service and it is great that our family of Trug stockists (mustn’t say “dealers” in case someone thinks Trugs is not the correct pronunciation!) around the world take the same view.  Thank you very much Vivien for buying one of our Trugs and all of us here at Thomas Smiths and our friends at Garden Talk, hope that you have many years of loving use from your Trug.

Thank you also Rebecca for showing this lady great kindness and  for demonstrating that old fashioned customer care is still a fact of life at Garden Talk.

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