Dreams Can Come True!

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Recently we have advertised in the Britain magazine that goes to thousands of people all around the world telling them about the delights of visiting Britain.  One response I received was a lovely letter from an 81 year old lady called Vivian who lives in North Carolina, USA who told me that she would like to buy a Trug as she had wanted one for many years.  She doesn’t have a computer and so, how to get her a Trug quickly and without fuss?

Well, we have a couple of trade customers over there and so I telephoned Rebecca Charron of Garden Talk in Massachusetts who was only too happy to telephone the lady and sell her one from her stock held in Topsfield.  Rebecca recently bought the company from Katrina Neefus whose Dad, Walt Nicke had started the company many, many years ago.  It’s good to see that Rebecca is offering the same personal service for which the Walt Nicke Company has been famous over the years.

As a point of interest, our South Down Contemporary Trugs were first made in Hailsham, near to Herstmonceux, by the Hide brothers, Dudley and Lawrence.  Dudley was my brother’s father-in-law and they had supplied Walt Nicke with their Trugs until the Hides closed the business and retired, at which time Walt started buying from Thomas Smith’s.

I’ll keep in touch with Rebecca and Vivian to make sure everything went smoothly and would like to thank Rebecca for her help is making a lady’s dream come true.

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