Crowhurst Horticultural Society Talk

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Last night Caleb and I undertook a talk with demonstration to a lively meeting of the Crowhurst Horticultural Society near Battle. We travelled down a nice narrow country lane to the village of Crowhurst after having some lovely chips, pie and sausages from the Willow Chip Shop in Herstmonceux, so were ready for our evening with the inner men satisfied.
Whilst I spoke on the history, with photos, of our industry Caleb carried out a demonstration assembling two Trugs. HeĀ makes it look so easy!

Our evening started after the Society’s AGM and so finished quite late but it was an evening enjoyed by both audience and Caleb and me. Most of our audience, being quite local to Herstmonceux, had a Trug of their own which they have had for years and cherish. Thank you all for being a very receptive audience and thanks to Caleb for carrying out his demonstration which was much enjoyed by the members of the society.During the evening I also touched on the future of our industry which is listed as being endangered by the Heritage Crafts Association and the Radcliffe Trust in their Red List of endangered crafts. This weekend I will be attending a symposium on endangered baskets at the Rural Life Centre in Reading so, hopefully, this will be a step forward for my proposed Sussex Trug Heritage Centre, for which we will be commencing raising funds next year.


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