Craftsman at Last!

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For the past three years Caleb Pimm has been undergoing an apprenticeship with my company and, on 11th August, he completed his three year term. He was set a “‘Prentice Piece” to complete, which was a miniature Trug. In order to complete his project Caleb had to improvise small tools and design and make formers for the handle and rim. He completed his rather difficult project last week and his Master, Craftsman Mike Church, and I inspected his work and signed it off.  Photos to follow shortly of Caleb and his project pieces.

Caleb has been a conscientious worker throughout his apprenticeship and has been a great member of our team, contributing greatly towards the success we have enjoyed in the last couple of years. He has received praise several times from customers around the world for the items of his work that were sold to them.
Consequently, as from last Saturday, Caleb is considered to have completed his apprenticeship and assumes the title of Craftsman Trug Maker. Well done Caleb! You now join the elite band of Sussex Trug Craftsmen.  Photo is of Caleb at the Stock Gaylard Oak Fair in Dorset a couple of years ago.


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