Royal Sussex Bowl Handle Stripped

Caleb Pimm's Masterpiece

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I had a wonderful e-mail today from a good customer in the USA today!  Tomm and his wife Leslie have bought several Trugs from us over the past couple of years and always show their appreciation.  Leslie has a passion for baskets of any kind and has taken a real shine to our Sussex Trugs.  Tomm recently ordered a No.2 Royal Sussex Bowl with handle, stripped of the bark, which we did not have in stock.  Caleb is my Senior Apprentice (due to be a fully fledged craftsman next month) and I asked him to make the  Bowl especially for Leslie.  Here is what Tomm said:

“Leslie’s small bowl Trug arrived today and she is v e r y  happy with how beautiful and well-made it is.  It really is a piece of skilled craftsmanship.  The wood and copper tacks are wonderful too.  So, once again, Mr. Pimm and your firm have pleased us mightily.  In time there will be more orders from us”.

Thank you so much for letting us have your thoughts on the Trug you receive Tomm and Leslie, and may it give you great pleasure.  Caleb has been set his “‘prentice piece”  for completion this month as his final task before being promoted to Craftsman in August when he will have completed his three year apprenticeship and I am perfectly confident that he will make a great piece.  More news on Caleb’s progress in August!

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