An Ode to a Sussex Trug

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I came across an old Thomas Smith’s brochure whilst tidying up my office recently and it made for good reading.  It was plain and simple yet it said all there was to be said in simple terms without all the rigmarole we have to put up with in our modern world.  There was a photograph of one of the Trugs that Thomas Smith exhibited at the Great Exhibition in 1851 where his Trugs caught the eye and patronage of HRH Queen Victoria, thus creating the Royal Sussex Trug.  I have photographed the picture and show it with this post.

Also on the leaflet was a poem entitled “An Ode to a Sussex Trug” and I thought that you might like to read it because it probably holds true today!

An Ode to a Sussex Trugs

The hardest-working

Thing in use,

A gossip’s tongue

An ale-house mug,

A copper coin

A postman’s shoes,

A rumour – and

A Sussex Trug.

For who can stop

The gossip’s tongue,

And who can stay

The ale-house mug,

Or stem the rumour,

Save the coin

Preserve the shoes,

Or spare a Trug

– Marriott Edgar

We also had our own “poet in residence” at the old Trug Shop in the centre of Herstmonceux village.  His name was William (BIll) Goldsmith and he thought up poems whilst riding the “Wendy machine” (Don’t ask!).  I have his poems to hand and will shortly be adding a new page to our website in memory of Bill with his poems for all to enjoy.  They were all about the daily life of the Trug Shop and those that worked therein and make humourous reading.  Keep your eyes peeled!


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